Photos Highlights from Our 2016 Celebration

Celebrating Puerto Rican Women: Today, Tomorrow and Always

On Saturday, March 5, 2016 the Committee to Honor Puerto Rican Women on International Working Women’s Day held their annual event Celebrating the Puerto Rican Woman: Today, Tomorrow and Always at the P.S. 109 Art Gallery in East Harlem. Click here to see photos!

The Committee acknowledged Sandra Hernández posthumously for her work with women, the poor, youth and seniors of the Mott Haven community of the South Bronx.

Esperanza Martell

Esperanza Martell, the elder activist honored, has a long history of struggle within the Puerto Rican independence and political prisoner movements as well as work on the Mumia Abu Jamal freedom campaign.

The youngest honoree is a young reproductive rights advocate, Amanda Matos, who also created her own organization, the WomanHOOD project to empower young girls of color in the South Bronx.

The three honorees received the “Adelfa Vera Award” recognizing the late Dona Vera’s commitment to awaken the Puerto Rican people to a future of freedom and social justice.

Entertainment included performances by Taina Asili, Alicia Morejon, and BombaYo.

The Committee to Honor Puerto Rican Women on International Working Women’s Day expresses its deepest gratitude to everyone who made this event possible, including but not limited to:

Gabriela Álvarez
Evelyn Collazzo
Lourdes (Lulú) Garcia
Melinda Gonzalez
Lillian Jimenez
Esperanza Martell
Haydee Morales
Marcella Morales-Lugo
Lisette Nieves
Marina Ortiz
Debbie Quiñones

Carlos Silva
Hunter College Community Organizing students
P.S. 109 residents Evelyn Collazo and Enid Cobeo
P.S. 109 staff Rolinda Ramos and Miguel Angel Rivera

Taína Asili
Cemi Underground/P.R.I.D.A.
Latino Educational Media Center
Alicia Morejon
P.S. 109
Sabor Borinqueño
Virtual Boricua

Olga Ayala
Cathy Beauchamp
Nell Escalante
Lourdes Garcia
Eris Garriga
Sally Hyppolite
Rosangel Perez
Liz Santiago

Gabriela Álvarez
Loura Bristol
Michael Burger
Evelyn Collazzo
Kathe Karlson
Lillian Jimenez
Esperanza Martell
Haydee Morales
Lisette Nieves
Myrna Noble
Benjamin Ramos-Rosado
Luzlaida Robinson
Elena Torres
Frank Velgara
Maritza Villegas


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